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Patch 01/2013 V3
Hello Community,

we have adjusted the exp/sp ratio for our server.

our latest update includes some changes for the item drop ratio of dresses.
- Some new dresses are now possible to drop.
- We increased the drop ratio of female dresses.
- New COS Draco is now available for dropping
- Honor Rank has been fixed
- Stacks of Items increased

For more informations check our Forum / website

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# 2 von WaR
hey when i download the Client i get erros in Winrar.rar archive Fix it Plsss

# 1 von Gutamen
Now u just have to fix some tiny thing and this will be a nice server:
1-Captca code,
2-Female avatar drop
3-trade rates,,
4-RoC for gold!

Overall is a good server will nice ppl

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