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Patch-Preview 02/2013
Hello Community,

the last days were quiet arround RoC... Some of you have noticed that we have changed some things related to the ingame features.

So here you'll find the next patch preview for RoC 1.99!

  • Trijob Exp set to x3
  • New Trijob Ranking will be added until lv 7!
  • New Drop-Farms (at jangan cave)
  • Shaitan-Spawn-Ratio decreased (needs 4hours to respawn after death)
  • Mob-Spawn-Ratio increased (Areas like Jangan-Cave)
  • New Unique...
  • Devil Spirits / Devil Fuse Stones are dropable (at Jangan Cave)
  • New Item Mall Items added to the droplist (Res. Scrolls etc)
  • New Fortress War Time [Wednessday 19 o'clock, Sunday 18:30 o'clock MEZ]
  • Fake-Trader/Hunter Suits
  • Two new acc. Sets have been added (lv 85, A + B Grade)

  • Gold-Exchange has been fixed (Tutorial can be found in our Forum)
  • Adjusted prices of dg 11 Stones
  • Added new Stones for dg 11 (Acc.)
  • Added language Support for English (Other Languages will be implemented with the next update)
  • Some Basic Reminders will be added for your accounting-area

Some of those changes have already been added. Those which are not available at the moment will be added with the Patch 1.99!

As always, feel free to post your feedback to help us to improve the server! Smilie


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