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Patch-Preview 02/2013 [²]
Hello Community,

due to many requests, we decided to change the server-conception!
The new conception will include following things:

* Raise of the Lv gap to 110
* New Area Roc Mountain
* New Area Alexandria
* Our Event Cave will expand (Jangan-Cave)
* New Event Mobs will be added!
* Dg 11 will be added!
* Coins for the latest Armor will be farmable at mobs
* Harder End-Game
* SoX Rates will be lowered in the high level
* Promotion-System will be added on our Website!

The Lv 85 Weapon Sets are still the best weapons in this game, their Attack power will be increased with every level you get!

For the first 3 Weeks of the new patch we will increase the Exp-Ratio!

For any questions you can post in our forum! Smilie
we hope you'll enjoy our latest update.


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